April 8, 2018

As I near the end of my seventh and final year as your Principal at this wonderful school. I want to take this opportunity to thank the whole community of students, staff and families that have helped to make my time in the kingdom unforgettable.  Lately as you know, we recently received our Middle State Association accreditation.  A few of you even sat on the review committee and was able to share your thoughts on our school and offered suggestions for improvement.  Our school is setting up for the next seven years of some very ambitious goals.  We are using coaches, consultants, and our own internal resources to advance all curricular areas.  Parent representatives have met individually with both VPs Mrs. Lejmi in the high school and Mr. Naidoo in the middle school.  Questions regarding grades, curriculum, and academic support were all on the table.  These productive meetings were met with positive responses by the parent representatives.  We feel strongly that useful changes will be made throughout our system.  One example is that the high school GPA scoring is under scrutiny and a mutual adjustment is being planned.  We are planning our next PAB this April 21 at 10:00 at the Conference Room at the school.


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