September 30, 2017

Dear Leopard Families,

     Welcome to the new school year.  I am happy to report that we are off to a great start and have a solid teaching staff in place, good numbers in the classroom, and feel very good about how the year is shaping up.  If you missed the open house, we went over a number of “housekeeping ideas” together:

  • Please, no Trolley bags in the Prek-8.  I know that I have said this many times, but there is no need for students to cart around a heavy bag for their books and supplies.
  • Send Water Bottles to stay hydrated!  Send a sack lunch and healthy snacks!
  • Cell phones should not be seen or heard except before school,  during lunch break, and after school.
  • Dress Code:  Please wear collared shirts and shorts that cover your knees.
  • BYOD:  Grades 5-12 are asked to bring their own laptop as this tool is very needed in the daily school life. Cell phones will no longer be given access to the school wifi.
  • Homework Policy:  These past few years, lots of schools have adopted a “No homework policy.”  What does this mean for ISG DMM?  Basically, it means that we do not assign any “graded” work to go home with our students.  Nearly all graded work will be done in school.  There may be some exceptions to this.  Also every school day students will have reading to do and perhaps some math.  Your teachers are giving you the math websites to help with practice and games to improve skills.

Homework Guidelines

  • Skyward:  Parents are requested to check their Skyward site and double check that all spellings, cell numbers and emails are correct.  You can do so via the school email system.
  • Parent Advisory Board:  This committee is designed to give parents some voice in school operations. For example; we studied transportation quite in-depth last year and found that although our system, such as it is, works for us at the lowest cost and probably will be what we are stuck with unless people are willing to pay substantially more money.  We have lots of issues to discuss. We also like to stay focused on educational problems that we can actually have some impact upon.
  •  Our next PAB is scheduled for October 14 at 10:00 a.m., in the conference room next to my office.



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