May 17, 2017

Dear Families,

Possibility of a Summer camp at ISG, Dammam

 Principal took the initiative to setup the camp this year. However, staff was not able to commit their participation for this year and little interest was shown by the parents. School is willing to setup the camp next year if there are potential / enough participants.

Since the meeting, I did get just enough interest from a variety of staff to “float a trial balloon” for students and families to join for a summer school camp.  I have invited 4 and 5th graders to join first.  I am looking to get 12-15 students in 4 sections of students for this first try at a camp.

Online Payment options

 ISG is still struggling to strike a deal with the Bank for Online Payment Solution or the option of POS machine(s). School will update the outcome of on-going negotiations with its bank.

Since Saturday, I met with the CFO and #2 of ISG.  They assure me that they are working hard to make this happen so families can handle tuition payments electronically if they choose.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

  Save your Seat fee

 Save your Seat fee has been waived off for the school year 2017-2018. For the families who have deposited the amount, this fee will be adjusted in school year’s fee/installments

  Enrollment contract

 Parents conveyed their concerns on the contract. PAB was informed that the contract is still being discussed with the Board of Trustees (BOTs). School will update the outcome of on-going discussion by end of this month.
 It is expected that there will still be an increase in fee, however, the percentage of increase is still being discussed and to be informed later.

 ‘Payment of full year’s fee in case of early discontinuation’ is also under discussion and outcome is awaited.  


 Possibility of hiring a professional transportation service was discussed. However, this option is not being pursued further as there is lack of information on the dynamics of their operations, such as;

 + Single pick and drop points for multiple commuters/locations as opposed to door-to-door service offered by current setup

 + Routes, timing and duration of trip per child is unknown

 + Participation from majority of parents is required to get the best possible deal

 + Potential cost increase. Amount is unknown

 + School’s involvement/role in this contract would be a preference

Bring your own device (BYOD) for 2017-18

 BYOD has been made mandatory for school year 2017-18. The device should adhere to minimum requirements set by the school. A limited quantity of Chromebooks is also available at school for purchase and its detail has been sent through Skyward.

The school is very firm on ALL students bringing their own laptop to school next calendar year.  It is a tool that every student must have.  A SAR 1500-2000 Chromebook would be very sufficient.   

– Roadwork / construction

 Municipality (Baladiyah) is working with construction contractor for completion of repair works. There are no firm schedules.


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