March 15, 2017

Dear Families,

As parents, we work hard to raise our children in a giving, fair, and loving environment.  This is not always easy, as raising children is not for the timid and weak.  Children are challenging and we often do not know what the best strategies are when trying to make good decisions regarding their welfare.  Sometimes we have to be very tough and I know that most times disciplining a child is much harder on the parent than it is on the child her/himself.  Why is this?  Because no one wants their child to be unhappy.  It is a parent’s nature to want their child to be happy and content all the time.
Now of course this is “magical thinking”.  No one is capable of such a feat.  Children are going to need to do things they would rather not do and be uncomfortable and learn to share and a hundred thousand other things that they would rather not do.  When it comes to talking to your child and other children you meet, words matter.  Words are very powerful.  Words can make a huge difference.  Please note the video below.

As you digest the theme of this research, please note that as a parent you can help build capacity in your child by following the rules of feedback by focusing your words on the EFFORT that a child displayed in accomplishing a task.  Changing the focus to the EFFORT a child exhibits can help mold a child that is willing to work hard at their goals, willing to take a risk to fail, and understands at a “gut” level that they can accomplish things by hard work and perseverance.
We have only a few weeks before the beginning of Spring Break.  Remind your child of their goals, look over their Skyward Account, and let’s keep focused right up to the end of the school year!

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