School Advisory Board meeting Notes

Thank you for attending today’s PAB meeting. Following is the brief of today’s proceedings:
Notes submitted by Chairman Masroor

Carnival: Thoughts and Suggestions
Thank you ISG-Dammam for setting up another successful Carnival. ISG invited the students and teachers from Autism School to the carnival which was a great gesture.

Suggestions:  a. inviting entertainment/toys companies such as Newboy to setup games etc at next event; b. setting up the booths at the far end of the football field; in front of the gymnasium to avoid bottlenecks; c. The second gym could be used for performances/gigs.

Activities offered by ISG:
The school is trying to setup activities such as football or volleyball, debating etc, and although the number of participating students is less, school will still try to setup the activities on Saturdays. The school is exploring the possibility of setting up some parents students workshops. Any chance to teach our teens other skills?

Items to be discussed in next PAB meeting.

1. Transportation:
We discussed school contracting a single transportation service. One of the drawbacks could be that door to door pick and drop might not be possible. However, it is to be discussed with prospective transportation service.
The possibility of dropping off students after after-school activities to be explored. Another drawback from past research on this issue is the cost of such services.  Safety being a huge concern may trump this idea of costs, but it is always a concern.

2. Awareness month / Quarter
3. Reaching out to parents for support with after school activities
4. After school / Weekend activities for Elementary School kids
5. Tutor help after school

Possibility of online fee payment

The possibility of Payments through Sadad / Mada was discussed. The principal explained how school has not been able to cut a deal with a couple of banks to offer required services.

Maker’s space:
ISG has bought five machines that are soon to be setup at school labs.

Raising funds for school through more events
We discussed the possibility of setting up more events to raise funds for the school. The funds could be utilized for teachers’ development or setting up new activities for students.

School brochure/flyer:
A new school brochure, describing school history and objectives, was shown by the principal. These will be distributed to new families planning to join the school for next fiscal year.



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