November 28, 2016

Dear Leopard Families,
As we bare down on winter break, I want to take this moment to reflect on the year to date.
We welcomed 5 new sponsored hires to the Leopard Family.  They have made a great impression on our school.  Mr. and Mrs. Ann and Clay Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob and Amy Jaskowiak, and Mr. Gary Moore.  All work in the high school except for Mrs. Amy who is in Middle School English.
We are very settled into our new facility and getting used to its unique properties of what works and what doesn’t work so well.  Mostly we are happy and have plans to fix what is not working as it should. i.e. (some leaks in the roof where the library intersects with floors one and two.)
Our students are involved at a high level in after school activities across the elementary, middle and high schools.  This past weekend alone, we had close to 200 students playing sports, debating, applying business skills, or doing service learning.  Every week and weekend all year long, your students and their teacher sponsors are competing, learning, running school businesses, and serving our Leopard and greater community with their time, energy, and resources.  It is BEAUTIFUL to see in action.  The BOOK FAIR was a lovely example.  Very creative and useful activities are planned for the whole year.  You can be a part of it if you wish to be.  Want to volunteer your time as part of one of these projects?  Just let me know and I am sure to be able to put your energies to good use.
Screenagers the movie:  We showed the Screenagers video to around 100 people total over the two showings.  The main idea like in much of life is that screen time must be monitored and moderation is the key.  Overuse of such devices and technology can lead to addiction and consequences that are devastating to young and old.  I have seen it personally in my own life and know for example that television is a type of drug to me.  I get sucked into that vortex of watching nonsense on television very easily.  As parents, your job is to guide and mentor your children.  Setting rules and guidelines is part of your job.  Making rules together with your children is the best strategy, but YOU must check any unreasonable requests and must be the judge and jury.  For example:  A reasonable guideline for high school students would be for all cell phones and devices to be turned into you by 10:00 on school nights so that your child can get a decent amount of sleep.  Earlier for middle school and elementary children.  These ideas guard against addiction and HUGH problems later in life.
In conjunction with this theme, a consultant from Seattle, Washington, is coming to Dammam to present to our students in all grades about the proper use and danger of the internet in
Upcoming Events:
1.  Order your school laptop.  See the letter on Skyward for information on how to order.
2.  School Advisory Board:  Parents are invited to the next SAB at 10:00 in the conference room at ISG DMM Saturday, Dec. 10th.  This is an advisory sounding board for interested families to offer their ideas for school improvement.  President Masroor Khan
3. We are often looking for Afterschool Activity sponsors to help us offer extra activities that the school can not. If you have a skill that you can offer once or twice a week for 8 weeks, let me know and perhaps we can make it happen.
4. Carnival is coming!!! February 9th from 11:00-3:00! We are looking for donations, gifts, sponsors, and help. More information is coming soon.
5.  Compassion Summit:  Regional High & Middle Schools are organizing a compassion summit to take place in Jordan this coming spring.  It sounds like an exceptional opportunity for our students to reach out into the world with open eyes.
Hoping this finds you well and don’t hesitate to connect if you have questions whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “November 28, 2016

  1. Sarah Korayem says:

    we appreciate your effort to improve the school and quality of teaching. But what about kg students? why are they not having afterschool activities to enroll in? there are so many activities they can do. For example, building certain projects using Lego and STEM methods, learning how to us PCs, have Montessori activities to expand their knowledge about geography, science, etc.., playing Karate or Gymnastics. What about get used of the 3 weeks’ vacation to participate them in such thing to improve their creativity and problem solving skills? I hope to hear from you soon regarding my suggestions.
    Thanks, and have a good day.


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