October 31, 2016

Dear Leopard Families,

We end the first quarter of school this week.  This week the teachers are very busy as we have two full days of workshop together at the Dhahran Campus.  This is a time to learn from each other and also share our successes with the broader ISG staff from all the campuses.  This followed up with our Virtual School Day.  We hope to make these virtual school day practices useful because it seems like every year we have something come up which cancels classes and forces us to use this virtual format.
Last week I attended the Leadership Conference in Doha, Qatar.  I had the pleasure of visiting the Qatar Finnish International School.  The Finns have shown year after year that their methods of administering a school results in a #1 ranking.  I was struck by how much our school looks a lot like their school.  Their school day, their lunches, their course offerings are much the same as ours.  Their class sizes are a bit smaller and they offer more hands on activities like woodworking, sewing, art, and music classes.  I would love to be able to do more of these activities in our school.  We keep looking for ways to increase opportunities for our students.
Another great idea of the conference was the idea of building Culture Of Thinking.  Now we would all like to believe that at ISG Dammam, we are all making our students think.  However if you know what you are looking for, we have a way to go on this journey toward really getting our students to think by planning, problem solving, and collaborating. We hope to take this theme to a new and productive level in the coming months and years ahead.
Our school wide goal of having every child equipped with a laptop in order to do their work has been given a boost by the discovery of a local company that can give us a reasonably priced Chromebook just in time for the winter.   We will need to have an order of at least 100 to get the best price of SAR 1778.
I really appreciate your patience with the road and sewage pipe work outside the school.  Please continue to take your time and be courteous with one another.  Also let me remind you that as we come into the season of FOG and rain that you are always to use your best judgement as to whether or not to send your children to school on these days.  I will try to warn you of school closing days via the school TEXT SYSTEM.  Please call us if you think your phone is not on the list.
Please note that Parent /Teacher Conferences are coming up November 17 & 19th.  I hope that you can plan to make it to these important conversations

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